These are the cards that I bought that were graded by a company. My brain on the other hand likes to call this is a collection of encapsulated cards and not grading. Many of the cards are viewed as fake, a scammed, low grade or not worth the clear plastic resin. However after my video showing off some cards and writing down my thought on I decide to take on a new collecting project. Getting graded/encapsulated cards from as many "Graders" or "Authentication Companies". New old and in between. Below is a list of some of the companies known.

List of Outfits Which Grade &/or Encapsulate

PSA (Professional Sports Authenicators)

BGS (Beckett Card Grading Services)

SGC (SportsCard Guaranty Corporation)

BCCG (Beckett Collector's Club Grading)

GMA Grading

Pro Grading

WCG (World Class Grading)

AGS (Advanced Grading Specialists)

PRO (Pro Sports Grading)

Mint Grading (

CSG (Certified Sports Guaranty)

GAI (Global Authentication Inc.)

HGA (Hybrid Grading Approach)
BCG (Baseball Card Grading)
BSG Grading
ISA Grading - ISA, aka Sports Authentication
ASGA (All Star Grading)
KSA Grading
ASA (Accugrade Sportscard Authentication)
Capitol Grading
CSA (Certified Sports Authentication)
CTA (CTA Grading Experts)
FGA (Foremost Grading Authority)
GEM (Gem Grading)
MAP Industries/MAP Grading
PGC (Premier Grading Company)
PGS (Professional Grading Service)
Professional Grading Authority
PSCG (Premier Sports Card Grading)
SCD (Sports Collector's Digest)
TFA (The Final Authority)
USA (USA Sports Grading)
SMA (Sports Memorabilia Authenticator)


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